This is an opportunity for all employees to look back on the past year of operation, this party has a very important meaning for the entire Green World company. It can be said that the year-end party has many positive spiritual meanings and has a significant influence on the development of the company. And this is a unique culture that businesses cannot ignore.

At this year-end party, we have the opportunity to look back on the achievements and difficulties that all members of Green World have experienced together in the old year. Through it, we have seen the efforts we have overcome roasts deserve the success we have achieved today.

Besides the busy work, we also experienced many memorable memories together. This party is also an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the memories, thereby serving as a foundation to draw lessons from our experiences and have orientations for our activities for the new year.

Collective members of Green World Company

The company year-end party in 2022 ended successfully on the night of January 7, closing a tumultuous year due to the impact of the epidemic and the global economic recession in the last months of the year. The year-end party is a thank you and gratitude to all employees of the company. The weather in the last days of the year was cold but could not stop the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the employees for a warm and laughter-filled year-end party. This event is the bridge connecting the whole family of Green World Co., Ltd, looking back together at a year with many challenges, a year with many difficulties but also a year witnessing volatility of the whole world. The entire company is united, bearing the strength to overcome thorny challenges and win great victories.

The Vice Director of the company sent a few words to all employees

“In the past year, despite facing many difficulties and obstacles, in general, the company still achieved the year's target. This achievement is also thanks to the efforts and consensus of all employees, the trust and support of customers near and far, the support of relevant authorities and departments. ... during the past. Therefore, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the leaders, customers, and company employees. Wishing all the luck and better things will come to all of us in 2023. Hope all our employees will be united and try harder to accompany the company to conquer new successes.”

Promoting everyone's spirit is the meaning of the company's

year-end party

This is also an opportunity for the trade union department to acknowledge the contribution of the staff. Leaders have words of gratitude and reward to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements. It is an opportunity for employees to express their gratitude for the cooperation and guidance from their superiors. Since then, the party is like an opportunity to promote the working spirit and cohesion of all employees of the company.

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Welcome to the new year 2023 with new hopes, and new successes! Green World Food and Drink Co., Ltd would like to send our best wishes to all customers and employees of the company, wishing everyone a happy, and prosperous new year.

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